Gök Alp is a Quadrator Drone with a load carrying capacity of up to 2 kg and has a flight time of up to 1 hour without load and 45 minutes with loaded. Its size is 100cm x 80cm x 20cm in open form and 50cm x 40cm x 20cm in closed form. Thanks to the GPS / GLONASS satellite positioning system, it can perform automatic take-off, automatic landing, automatic driving by marking on the map, and automatic returning home.


Includes a maximum of 1.5 meters GPS location accuracy. There is a control and visual distance of 10km in open area and line of sight. Its maximum speed is about 10 m/s. The camera has the features of live image transfer from the screen with the image transfer. It has the feature of being used with a single operator and thanks to its useful load exchange feature, it provides the ability to carry many qualified products.


Vtol Drone is a 4-6m wide winged drone with vertical take-off and horizontal flight, offering high precision location detection from a distance of up to 15km. The flying time of the Vtol drone, which can carry up to 20kg of useful load, is 8 hours.


Our Gök Alp Vtol Drones are used as autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles in special missions. Thanks to our autonomous systems powered by artificial intelligence technology, high performance services can be provided in different areas.